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Sneak Peak at Jaws 14

As happens each year, Freedom scientific is set to release a new version of Jaws.

In a conference held in July at the NFB Convention in Texas, Product specialist Eric Damery spoke about the new Features of Jaws 13.0 and gave a sneak preview of the soon to be released Jaws 14.0.

Of course, given that Windows 8 will be released soon, Freedom scientific has been very hard at work trying to ensure that the next Operating system from Microsoft is supported.

Another great feature that will be available in the new release of Jaws 14 is the added Vocalizer Synthesizer.  If you recall 2008 and the release of Jaws 8.0, the added real speak solo voice synthesizer was introduced, which gave users a much better human speech synthesizer.   Now with the new vocalizer, Damery stated that users will have a synthesizer that will have better typing response; in fact, Damery went on to state that users will experience the same typing response to that of the Eloquence synthesizer.

One important bug that will be fix is one dealing with html table content in Outlook 2007 and 2010. The current version 13.0 Jaws now has an issue where it does not take you to a web page if you hit the enter key to open linked items in a table. In the current version of Jaws, the user has to paste the URL in the browser manually.  This issue has been resolved in the soon to be released version 14.0 of Jaws.

There are a few more features that have been improved in the soon to be released 14.0 version of Jaws. Such features include:

  • improvements to Convenient OCR,
  • improvements to Text analyzer, and
  • improvements to the results viewer.

The next version of Jaws is set to be released sometime in the autumn.  It will be interesting to see how Jaws 14.0 functions on Windows 8.


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Yo opino que esta nueva versión de JAWS debería ser un poco más compatible con ciertas páginas como por ejemplo facebook ya que en ocasiones es un poco complicado chatear y también en la página de Hotmail ya que en el sistema operativo Windows 7 no es posible adjuntar datos a los mensajes de correo ya que el JAWS no lee dicho enlace

One other point. The fix they mentioned regarding links in outlook as a new feature of JAWS 14 should have been a complimentary bug fix in JAWS 13.

I am not confident that JAWS 14 will be any less filled with buggs than previous versions. Jaws 12 is the primary reason I Have been learning NVDA and also why I finally purchased a mac computer for my home use.

One of my reasons for purchasing a Mac computer. Looking forward to see what new horizons Mac will take me to!!