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Mountain Lion Dictation

In this post, I'll talk a bit about the dictation feature in the newly released OS mountain lion 10.8.

While  this feature is not perfect it can definitely help those who have issues in  typing large amounts of text.  This feature can be launched by going into the edit menu found under the Apple menu bar.  Once this feature has been set up in system preferences, an individual only needs to  press the FN key  twice to activate the feature and press the key twice again to deactivate the feature.

In fact I am using the feature right now as we speak.  After conducting several tests, I find the feature works extremely well.   Once more, I am actually using the built-in microphone that comes with the standard Mac, and as I'm speaking the text it is actually typing what I say.

In essence the dictation feature found in mountain lion is indeed an advancement on apples part.

I will be conducting more tests to see how this amazing feature works, and will report on any new findings that I come across. In the meantime, I invite you to post your comments and findings as well !


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Another amazing feature I can't wait to use! I'm also going to take advantage of the year-long training I can receive from Apple on their amazing products!!