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Blogging & Sharing

A blog is a valuable asset to our organization. It gives us the opportunity to establish ourselves, it gives us a platform to network with your peers, fellow organizations, and general public and allows allows us to generate buzz in social media.

You ask, what is social media? In short, social media can be defined as interactive platforms via which individuals and communities create and share user-generated content. 

If we can get comments on our blogs, we’ll increase our status as an organization.  The more comments we have, the more clout we appear to have, because people are interested enough in what we are and have to say as an organization, so much that people will take the time to comment  on interesting topics.

The web contains an enormous amount of information, and search engines have helped to make that information more easily accessible by providing pretty good search facilities. But not everything is written nor is everything well organized to make it easily discoverable. There are millions of people who possess useful knowledge that they would love to share, and there are billions of people who can benefit from it. I believe that many do not share that knowledge today simply because it is not easy enough to do that.

The question is now, How to get people to read our blogs, Getting people to read, isn’t always as automatic as it sounds.

What we need from YOU is for you to share our blog posts, Add the link to your Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Let your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances know about our site & blogs.

Share the information in your presentations, brochures, PSA’s, by word of mouth.  Let the world know!

In closing I’ll share this comment from Natalie Martiniello (Montreal Chapter) that was recently posted to the Montreal Chapter AEBC Facebook Page:

We encourage you to consider posting an entry to the AEBC Blind Canadians Blog!

This is an opportunity to get your voice heard and to educate each other (as well as the public) on blindness related issues and themes. Check out the AEBC website to see what entries are already there. Perhaps you'd like to comment on one of them -- There is a comment field for doing this. Perhaps there is an entry in the blog that you may be interested in sharing with others. There are links after each blog entry to repost the entry to facebook and other popular social media sites.

The Blind Canadians Blog is an excellent way to share our mission, educate the public and learn from one another.



This blog is curated by the AEBC, but welcomes contributions from members and non-members alike. The thoughts, views, and opinions expressed in the Blind Canadians Blog are those of the contributing authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the AEBC, its members, or any of its donors and partners.