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Open Office 3 Software

This blog is on an alternative word processing software for the Mac.  The software package is called Open Office 3, and was designed by a group of individuals who believed that paying lots of money for a Office suite was simply not satisfactory.

While they accept  donations, the software is completely free, and easy to download. You simply go to, and the rest is straightforward, if you follow the instructions.

I had always heard about this software before but was not inclined to download it until a friend of mine from work encouraged me to download it.

The installation easy and straight forward, and I had no problems in installing the software on my Mac.

My main focus was to try the softwares word processor.  While I am currently extremely happy with Pages, and Text, I felt what there may be another alternative that is always a good idea.

Well… I was amazed to find that Voice over on the Mac was able to interact with this software extremely well, unlike Office 2011 which is completely inaccessible, this Open Office software while using the word processor was extremely accessible, and keyboard tying was responsive with Voice Over.  With the Word processor of this package I was able to do the following:

  • Perform enhanced editing tasks, like Underline, Centring, Right and left alignment.
  • I was also able to change my fonts, size of fonts, and insert pages numbers and so on.
  • Saving and opening files went off with out any problems.

I give my full thumbs up with software, and encourage any one who owns a Mac to check it out.


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Great alternative to MS Office, you can also try Libre Office. I'm using this one @ my Ubuntu pc.

I will DEFINITELY check-out this software!! After receiving the pricing for Windows, which is quite expensive, I'm glad to hear I can try something without breaking the bank!