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OS X-Iphone, Ipad Upgrade

A new feature that is available to new OS X upgrade to the iPhone iPad

As you are all aware, OS X was released on September 19, 2012 at approximately 1 PM.  The procedure in applying the updates to the new OS was extremely easy and did not require any effort at all and in fact was extremely accessible as well while setting up the phone and the iCloud.

Well there are numerous features listed in the update it would simply take too long to collaborate in this blog.  For the purposes of this blog I would like to talk about the map feature that is now available in OS 6

Oh let's not forget that the map feature has been in existence since the iPhone was born.  In this OS 6 release there's a new feature in the map feature which  will now give you a turn by turn instructions when you put  your coordinates to where you want to go.  Furthermore Voice over now has full accessibility to the map feature in that allows the visually impaired individual to navigate and move across the screen.

The other day I tried  this feature. I simply entered the co-ordinates  to where I want to go in the system and it gave me a turn by turn instruction as  I was driving in the car with my taxi driver the system was great and told me how many feet it was to get to an intersection and to prepare to either turn or veer in a certain direction.

I was extremely impressed as to how accurate the instructions were.

As I approached my destination it even told me where it was located, and when I finally arrived, it told me that I had arrived at my destination.

While there are other navigation softwares available for download on the iPhone, so far, I found the map feature to be extremely fast while navigating the screen, and responsive while typing in the address.

For a free app which is installed on your I device, its a pretty darn good piece of software.

The only draw back I found with this software is that you have to be pretty accurate while entering streets, and numbers, and I can't yet figure how to save my destinations.

I will definitely report on this in a later blog.

All in all the software works very well, and I encourage any one who has Os 6 installed to try it out.

Remember if you are not comfortable in operating a GPS system, to not fool around, and seek some training with your local O & M instructor as they can guide you to use the software properly.


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