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Soon to be released: Windows 8

It has finally come!  The anxiously-awaited, new-to-be-released Windows 8.  Microsoft promises this to be the best release of Windows ever, filled with lots of features, and boasts that this new soon-to-be-released version of Windows will be even more stable than it's predecessor, Windows 7. 

Isn't it funny how we are all now used to Windows 7 and how we have become accustomed to how it operates alongside the commercial and free screen readers out on the market to date, while companies like Freedom Scientific and GW Micro have been frantically working so hard in the last several months to ensure that their screen readers are compatible with the soon-to-be-released operating system from the Big Giant?

In the last 10 years or so, thanks to the newly adopted "508" code in the US, I'm sure most of you out there reading this blog will have observed that there is now almost no waiting period between the release of a new operating system from Microsoft and the availability of all competitor screen readers.  As little as 15 years ago, all persons who suffered from a visual impairment at that time had to wait between 6 and 12 months before we were able to use a new release of Windows from Microsoft!

Thinking of the the over-exaggerated cost of screen readers at the time, and the number of serious errors and flaws at the time, reminds me of the nightmares and the long nights I used to spend in trying to make the screen reader work properly with the OS at that time.

Granted I suppose we shouldn't forget that the OS at the time was also unstable, so why would the screen reader at that time work any better?

The question now arises in my mind, as to wether or not the soon-to-be-released version of Windows will be a nightmare just like Vista was when it was released several years ago, or will this OS be the best thing that Microsoft has released, as they state?

Recently having spoke to a beta tester, who is testing the new operating system, I was told that with the exception of the start menu (which is no longer available), we shouldn't notice a thing.  That said, I have also read on some of the blogs from users that it is going to be the worst release of Windows ever yet from the Big Giant.

I guess the only thing to do is to wait until I get my copy and give it my two thumbs up or down, whatever the case may be.

Finally, I am happy to see companies like Microsoft, in conjunction with most major screen readers working side by side like a great team to ensure that visually impaired individuals get access instantly which allows us to compete on the same level with our sighted friends and colleagues.  I'm happy to see that accessibility, while moving slowly, is gradually moving in the right direction. 

The release target date of this product is October 26th.  You can expect to see my review here, so stay tuned!


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forward to the next review as I am contemplating an upgrade.