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Toys for Children with Visual Impairments

I came across this post this morning. Students at the Rhode Island School of Design would like to design an accessible toy for children with visual impairments. They would like to know:

  • What is your child's favorite toy?
  • What is your favorite toy for your child?
  • Does your child know braille (or are they learning braille)?
  • What toy encourages learning and social skills in the most effective way?
  • How does your child enjoy getting exercise the most?
  • Are there any toys that have done particularly well in getting your child active?
  • Does your child prefer musical, tactical, or moving toys?
  • Does your child enjoy hearing or playing music?
  • What type of toy would help improve social interaction?
  • What type of toy would you like to see designed?

You can find the post by following this link:

On that note, feel free to reply here and tell us about the kind of games or toys that you enjoyed as a child? Did your parents or other family members come up with creative ways to make certain games and toys accessible to you? My parents, for instance, put braille on the board games I enjoyed most, so that I could play them with the sighted people around me.


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