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Tune In Radio -App for iPhone, iPad products

Hello fellow bloggers, this week I like to talk to you about a new application,  I downloaded on my iPhone, it's called “Tune In radio”.

A brief description of what this app is.

Tune in Radio is a application which allows you to tune in to radio stations across the world using your WiFi  and or Data plan usage provided from your local carrier.  It is an application which is installed on either you iPhone, and or iPad.

There are two versions of the app,

1. a paid version which allows you to record your favourite program on the radio station you dial in to, and

2. the free version which simply allows you to listen to the radio station.

Installation of the software is extremely accessible while using voice over on the iPad or iPhone.

When launching the application for the first time you'll be presented with a series of choices on whether you want to choose local radio station, which means your provide, or country you live in, or stations around the world.

If you choose the local setting you will then be presented with the list of radio station in your city.  However if you choose the setting around the world then you will need to pick the country, and then from there you can choose the radio station you want to listen to.

Let’s get back to choosing your local radio stations.  When you choose this setting the next step is to simply choose the radio station you want to listen to.

Once you have selected your radio station all you need to do is simply sit back and listen to your favourite station.  While listen to your station you will be able to navigate through the screen of choices.

Such choices include saving the station as one of your favourites,

Stopping play back of the station,

Rewinding ten seconds back to re-listen to something that an announcer may have said, or simply to hear a section of a song over while its played back,

and hear information about a song currently playing and how many minutes or seconds left of the song.

As stated above, you have a choice of two versions of the software,

1. a paid version,

2. the free version.

The paid version costs $1.99, and is definitely worth it as you can record your local favourite station and re-listen to a song that you love.

Although the free version is just as good.

I encourage anyone who has a iPhone, or iPad to download this app and try it out.


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Tune in Radio is a nice app for all the iPhone users which allows you to tune in to radio stations across the world using your WiFi or data plan. There are two versions one is free and another is paid version. I think iPhone users must download this app and use it.

Still I love to listen Radio, my others friends do not like listening radio, but they enjoy with anything while I tune on my favorite radio station through my iPhone using “Tune In radio”. - tv on iPad

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