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Jaws 14

I am pleased to report the release of Jaws 14 has finally hit the market.

On October 22, 2012 jaws 14 was released, beating Microsoft's Windows 8 release scheduled on October 26, 2012.

As I stated in an earlier blog the release of Jaws 14 is supposed to include support for Windows 8 and the support for the new SAPI speech synthesizer, known as Vocalizer.

The nice thing about this software synth is that it gives fantastic response when typing text into a word processor.  One important question which comes to mind is - will this synthesizer replace the default Eloquence synthesizer which comes standard with Jaws?

I suppose this remains to be seen in future releases of Jaws.  However in a Freedom Scientific (FS) cast which was posted several months ago, Eric Damery product specialist for Freedom Scientific stated that he did not think they were going to abandon Eloquence.  In fact he went on to state that users would have a choice as to which synthesizer they want to use.

Another cool feature of Jaws 14 is called flexible web. This feature will allow you to hide sections of a web site including Google, add frames, and pop up ads.  Flexible web promises to make it easier for users to read web pages with easier flow, especially when read articles.

Any one interested in exploring other new features of Jaws 14.0 can go to  Once there go to the download link, and once you have activated the downloaded link, simply go to the jaws link.

You will then be presented with the Jaws 14.0, and a head which lists all the new features.

Since I just purchased my Windows 8 Pro edition, I will be receiving my full version of Jaws 14.0 in a couple of days.

I look forward to testing the new Windows, and Jaws as well.  I will report in a later blog my findings of both packages.


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verry verry good jaws 14.0