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Update on Windows 8

As promised I told you that I would report on my findings of Windows 8.

As you all know Windows 8 was released on October 26, 2012.  I have personally  picked up a couple of copies of Windows 8 Pro Edition.

At the cost of $69.99 who could go wrong with that price.  Microsoft states that the price will not increase until January 31 2013.

What's included in the package: In the package you will find it two versions of Windows 8.  The first one is a 32-bit version and the second one is a  64-bit edition that comes in computers which ship from local companies such as Dell and HP.  Finally you will find the serial number located in the cover of the box of the software package.  Actually the serial number is a card type which actually pulls out of the cover and includes a sticker strip which is where your numbers are located.

The next step of course is to actually install the product which I will report my results in a later blog.

If any one is considering to upgrade, the time is now.  As I stated above the price is definitely going up on January 31, 2013.

Is it recommended to install the product at this point in time? This, is the one million dollar question?  I would say if you're not computer savvy, stay away for at least a month, until all the bugs have been worked out. and then install it at a later date.


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