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E-Band Music Software

Hello fellow readers I just recently discovered a fantastic tool for musicians called E band from Boss Corporation.

I'm sure that anyone reading this blog might be asking themselves "what the heck is E band?"

Well, E Band is a system which allows musicians to practice their music soloing skills when it comes down to playing bass or guitar, or vocals.  E band allows you to take any mp3 song, or a standard audio file and allows you to import the file in to the unit.

Furthermore E Band also allows you to change the key of a song, and also allows you to slow down the song to allow the musician to be able to pick up a guitar or bass passage.

Imagine the great classic hit song from the Eagles called Hotel California?

Speaking as a true musician, that solo is extremely hard in that there are actually three guitars playing the solo, and you have be able to pick up all the notes correctly.  When I was in my younger years, I remember it taking me two solid weeks of three hours per day to actually pick each and every note to the tee.  If I would have had the E Band system, I would have been able to pick up the guitar solo faster, simply because I would have been able to slow down the song, and practice along with the song, rather than play and stop at each section on my old tape recorder.

Granted there were tape recorders at the time in which one could slow down the speed, but the problem with that system was that the audio became distorted, and you weren't able to get the true sound quality.  E band allows you to slow down the song without affecting the quality of audio being played back, and with the E band system one can actually set a selection region point and loop the same section over and over until you decide to stop the loop play back.

The E band system also comes with an astonishing set of guitar and bass effect to allow you to play along using the same setting as the actual guitarist or bass player in the song had.  In other words you get to become your own rock star.  Best of all the unit comes with two input jacks to allow you to have a second guitarist, or another bass player, and gives that player his own volume and ability to changes his other effects as well.

The E band system comes with two built in speakers, and a sub-woofer to allow you to play back the songs on its own speaker system, or you do have the choice of hooking up the unit to any sound system.  Additionally the unit comes with a USB port to allow you to import the songs internally in to the unit.  As I mentioned you can actually import Mp3, or virtually any audio file type in to the unit.

Finally the unit also comes with a set of over 300 rhythms, and styles including Jazz regal, and pop, to allow the musician to practice with those rhythm sets, and if you like you can actually record your own backing solo accompanying the pre-programmed rhythm sets.

The only drawback to this unit is that you don't have an accessible speech system to allow you to know where you are in some of the menu options, but you certainly have access to the major functions like changing the speed of the song, the key of the song, the looping section, and recording options, as the system has dedicated buttons to give you access to these options.  Most of the other options are used to be able to turn of the built in speakers, or to set weather you want to record from the computer via the usb port.  This unit can be used as an external audio card which can be used with programs like Sonar, and Protools, which are as I mentioned in previous blogs music recording applications.

In short, I'm definitely planning to pick up a couple of these units as I just started a new teaching job, and this would be a fantastic teaching tool for me, and my students.

I'm most likely going to pick one up in the next week or so, and evaluate it for myself for its features, and accessibility.  I'll keep you all posted.

If anyone is interested in looking this amazing unit up on line you can go to YouTube, and simply type in eland gs10, and click on any of the links which will give a demo and audio description of the unit.

Alternatively you could go to  Once there click on the boss link.  Next click on the Multieffect link.  Finally you will see the E Band js10, and you simply click on this link to get information.  There is a link for the E Band js8, but this unit is no longer available, and did not have the same speaker system, or guitar processor.


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