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"Get Together With Technology" - Exploring technology in Ottawa

For those who are in or near the Ottawa area, a new program has been started which might broaden your horizons regarding the technology that is available for blind and partially sighted users.  "Get Together with Technology" (GTT) is a group which meets on a monthly basis to discuss technology, share resources, take training sessions, and so on.  From their blog:

The Get Together with Technology (GTT) program provides hands-on training to enable users who are blind or have low vision to become familiar with computers, smart phones and other types of technical equipment. Often retail store staff don't know much about the accessibility of the equipment they sell, so it is important that people get to explore devices and learn about their features from peers or trainers who are blind or have low vision. GTT runs Tech User Groups, Drop-in Sessions and One-on-One Training Sessions to address these issues.

They are on Facebook (, and have a blog (  Past topics have included:

  • GPS solutions (April 15)
  • Humanware & the new Victor Reader Stream (March 19)
  • Books (finding and reading eBooks, iBooks, audio books, etc.) (February 18)

Coordinated by Kim Kilpatrick and Ellen Goodman, the group seems to be attracting significant numbers of people, with some 37 participants attending in March. 

The GTT program coordinators are Kim Kilpatrick and Ellen Goodman, who can be reached by email at


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