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So last time I talked about friends - today I am going to talk about family. I have an amazing family and over the next few months you will understand why I say my family is amazing.

One of the reasons I chose to return to this small town was because I raised my family here. My children grew up here, I established friendships here, my children established friendships here, I understand the geographical issues here and small town people know one another and everyone knows who the blind woman is. There is only one blind woman working with a dog guide in this small town, so I have no anonymity. I do have unconditional support.

Let me share an amusing story. Early this Spring, I called a friend and invited myself over for morning coffee. My friend said she would come and pick me up, but my stubborn streak said “no thank you, I will find my way to your house.” I had not walked solo to her house, but I knew the route and Hope had been to her house before so I was quite sure we could find our way. If I had any concerns, I said I would call her on my cell and she could come out the front door and look for me. Needless to say, Hope and I found our way to my friend’s house, we had coffee, a great visit, lots of laughs and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

My son, who also lives in this small town, received a phone call from one of his buddies while I was on my way to visit my friend. This is a young man who grew up with my son, and spent many days at our house throughout elementary and secondary school. Now that I have returned to the small town, I have attended a number of my son’s ball games and this same young man plays on my son’s team. This young man called my son to tell him that he had seen me walking in the south east part of town, an area that he had never seen me walking before. He was worried that I was lost, or that Hope had taken a wrong turn and wondered if he should stop me and take me back home. My son assured him that if I was walking in that area, I knew exactly where I was and I had a reason to be in that part of town. I am blessed to have family who trust me and support me, and friends who know me and look out for me.


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