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What I learned today - I'm back

I’m back!

Hello again my friends. I have been hiding for the last year, but finally Cindy is back. Some of you know the story behind my absence and some of you don’t. For those who wonder where I went I will explain below. For those of you who don’t care where I went, move on to the next blog entry - you will be bored.

My ex-husband came out of the closet last year. I chose to leave and moved back to the small town where we had raised our family. I was shocked, devastated and unprepared to live the next stage of my life as a single blind woman. My dog guide had to retire and I had plans to train with a new dog, and my mother died. I hunkered down, reassessed my life, my goals, my challenges, my dreams and came up with a new plan. So here I am - the new Cindy. It was a long and difficult year but with the support of family and friends I have emerged from this journey a much stronger, independent and confident woman.

I am negotiating this new life constantly. There are challenges and trials, there are obstacles, there are surprises and there are disappointments but the journey is a wonderful experience.

I want to chronicle this experience in the blog. I am blind, newly divorced and my children are all adults, living their own lives. I am a new home owner ( I am new, the home is not - it is 80 years old and I am 55 years old) . I am learning how to live single, I am taking distance educattion courses through Ryerson University, I am caring for a house, a yard, a pool and a dog guide. I am reconnecting with old friends and making new friends. I am dating and I am feeling very good about who I am.

If you want to know more about this amazing journey of self discovery, follow this blog. Every day is a new experience and a new lesson.


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Dear Cindy and all others. Good for you! Challenges Yup! BBut you will do it and sharing it will give all the others the courage to go forward together. The internet has its downside but it is one way we blind people can triumph over isolation.

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