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Fighting for more accessible elections

I am currently involved in a human rights complaint that is now going to Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. The complaint is that of my right to a secret, independent vote where I can verify my mark myself.

I do hope all advocates of the blind that are blind will notice that when they vote in any election be it municipal, provincial, or federal, that if they cannot vote in secret, independently, and verify the mark that they make themselves, that they file a complaint with either the Provincial Human rights process or the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

No one should have to read any of the lists of candidates on the ballot as if you were a person that cannot read; no one should have to assist you marking your ballot as you are intelligent enough to do this yourself; no one should have to verify your mark as the technology is now in place world wide so that this is no longer a valid excuse for Governments. All of this you should be able to do by yourself without any outside assistance. If you cannot then you have not voted in secret, voted independently, and you certainly have no idea if a mark was made in the right spot.

Do not get me wrong. If you prefer to have someone read to you, guide you to mark your ballot, and verify for you that you did it correctly and they can keep your secret then by all means continue to vote in the manner in which you prefer. However, if it bothers you at all then help the folks out that want to vote independently, in secret, and help us push for a process whereby we can verify our marks ourselves

So, if this has happened to you -- please file a complaint. Those facing by-elections -- your opportunity is before you.


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