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A lovely second date

November 9th turned out to be a lovely Saturday. A gentleman I have already met asked to take me on a unique art tour. He told me it was not the typical art tour, it was a tactile art tour. London has 50+ chainsaw sculptures scattered throughout the city. Many are in front of businesses, libraries, schools or parks and are completely accessible. This gentleman researched all the sculptures and selected the top 10 according to ease of me reaching them, accessibility and variety. He described each of the ten and placed my hands on each and showed me all the intricacies of the carvings. It was absolutely amazing, and very thoughtful of him to organize a tour that I could thoroughly enjoy and experience.

This was a “second date”. Our first date was lunch at my local pub. My local pub, The Ale House, is my safety zone. I know the pub, I know the owner, I know the manager and I know the wait staff, as well as many of the other customers in the pub. My son knows the owner, the manager and wait staff as well. They all look out for me and if I meet someone there who looks “scary”, they tell me. If my lunch companion is constantly on his cell phone, they tell me. When we are shown to our table, they introduce themselves as my friends, tell my companion where I prefer to sit and how I prefer to find my way to the table. They also tell my companion they watch out for me. How can I be any safer than that. Again, it is one of the benefits of living in a small town.

Yes, I will see this gentleman again. And yes, a tactile art tour is a lovely second date. And yes, the comfort and camaraderie present in my local pub totally outweighs the lack of anonymity in a small town.


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