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Solo-DX: Audio description for TV and theatre via your smartphone

The following message was forwarded to me, announcing the release of a new app (currently available on the Apple platform and soon to be available on Android) that is intended to make audio description available in movie theatres that are not directly equipped to provide description. In effect, it is an app that will "listen" to the movie soundtrack and synchronize its own descriptive track for the listener.

It appears that only one upcoming movie is currently supported by this app, but perhaps more will be forthcoming. This seems like it is intended to work not only in theatres but also for regular TV shows. The actual descriptive tracks appear to be produced independently from the movies themselves, though.

Your mileage may vary. If anyone tries this and has some success, I'd like to hear about it!


Hello, everyone!

We're pleased to announce that our new service, Solo-Dx on MovieReading is now available for the theatrical release of Philomena, which opens today in select New York and Los Angeles theaters, and nationwide next Wednesday!

You can get the MovieReading app for free from the Apple App Store (must have iOS 6 or higher), then download the free Solo-Dx audio description track from within the Market tab on the app. A quickstart guide is available in the Settings tab, and you can also find instructions on our website

Once you're sitting down at the theater, you will activate the selected Solo-Dx track by clicking OK, and the app will automatically sync the description to the film. Don't forget your headphones!

The Android version of the app is currently in development and will hopefully be available soon. And for those of you who don't have smart devices, audio description for the film will still be available through the traditional system at equipped theaters.

We're excited about this new method of delivering description, as it helps create access at theaters that are not currently equipped, and we hope this is just the beginning!

Happy Friday,
The Solo-Dx Team


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