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Blog - December 2013

Can a blind person fly a plane?

The answer to this bizarre question would seem to be rather self-evident. Being a pilot is an inherently visual activity and there isn't a whole heck of a lot that anyone can do to really accommodate or adapt that. But there is a fellow in Abbotsford, BC who has come up with an ingenious way to give people who are blind at least a semblance of the experience of doing just that.

For years, Microsoft marketed a "game" called Microsoft Flight Simulator. The last edition (version 10, also known as Flight Simulator X) was released in 2006 and Microsoft has since discontinued the product. I put "game" in quotes because this is not your typical "game" -- there are, by and large, no enemies to kill, and specific objectives or missions are limited.

Feeling festive

I am feeling festive. It’s a wonderful feeling. Last year, Christmas was a difficult time. It was my first holiday season as a single woman. My mother died early last December. I was learning the idiosyncracies of a new dog guide. I was in a small apartment and did not have room (nor the desire) to host my traditional large Christmas dinner.

This year, I am back. I bought a new small artificial, pre-lit Christmas tree and a girlfriend helped me decorate it. I have wrapped a few gifts for my grand daughter and put them under the tree. I am going out this afternoon to gather some greenery for pots at the front door and I have started my Christmas baking. White Chocolate Cranberry cookies are in the oven as I write this and they smell divine!

President's Report - December 4th, 2013

Hello, AEBC!

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. - Anne Frank

The holiday season and a Canadian winter has descended upon us, and while this might be a time of hibernation for many, I am excited to bring to you this very positive President's Report. I hope it will inspire you to continue the great work of AEBC between now and the conference in Ottawa!

First, a technical note. This newsletter has headings throughout to make navigation easy and so that you can skip over content that you find irrelevant. If you're reading this on the web site and using JAWS, the H key should help you skip to the next heading. If you're reading this in your email that might or might not work.

A Community Venue Creates a Hands on Experience for Persons who are Blind and Partially Sighted

The Kelowna Art Gallery has been very proactive to make their art displays accessible to blind and partially sighted individuals. At least three times a year, Rene, Program Director for the gallery, organizes customized tours for us. On November 9, 2013, several members of our Kelowna AEBC Chapter attended the current display.


Rene, started out by giving us background information on the artist and his works then we moved to the gallery and watched short films.

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