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A Community Venue Creates a Hands on Experience for Persons who are Blind and Partially Sighted

The Kelowna Art Gallery has been very proactive to make their art displays accessible to blind and partially sighted individuals. At least three times a year, Rene, Program Director for the gallery, organizes customized tours for us. On November 9, 2013, several members of our Kelowna AEBC Chapter attended the current display.


Rene, started out by giving us background information on the artist and his works then we moved to the gallery and watched short films. Since the artwork was very delicate, she was innovative in making a replica of the sculpture with sprayed foam and sand and made a painting with hot glue and raised lines. These unique creations gave us the tactile information we needed to get an idea of the art. After returning to the main room, we had a discussion on our experience in the gallery. Some of the comments expressed were a sense of chaos from the two films, bleak and dull with the low lighting, and bewilderment from the mixed messages.

We somehow got into a discussion on how blind people dream, with photos or no pictures, with colours or just one colour or no colour at all. It turned out to be a very interesting array of comments. We ended the event with coffee and wonderful sweets.

Many thanks to rene and the staff at the art gallery for successfully extending this positive experience to us.


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