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Feeling festive

I am feeling festive. It’s a wonderful feeling. Last year, Christmas was a difficult time. It was my first holiday season as a single woman. My mother died early last December. I was learning the idiosyncracies of a new dog guide. I was in a small apartment and did not have room (nor the desire) to host my traditional large Christmas dinner.

This year, I am back. I bought a new small artificial, pre-lit Christmas tree and a girlfriend helped me decorate it. I have wrapped a few gifts for my grand daughter and put them under the tree. I am going out this afternoon to gather some greenery for pots at the front door and I have started my Christmas baking. White Chocolate Cranberry cookies are in the oven as I write this and they smell divine! I am planning Christmas dinner for my father, brother, and my children who live close enough to visit.

It amazes me what a difference one year can make. Add to the passage of time a healthy dose of determination and my stubborn nature, and the Christmas season again becomes a joy.

Happy Holidays to everyone.


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Anthony: It is a curious question and I am sure each of us has our own reasons for decorating. I have children and a grand child - so I probably decorate for them. I have a few cherished decorations - things my children made when they were young, a nativity set I bought 35 years ago. Bringing those up from the basement is like welcoming old friends for the holidays.

I had someone ask once what the point of decorating was if you couldn't see the decorations. I didn't quite know what to say because, on the one hand, the answer seems obvious. But really, why do we decorate? What is the motivation? To demonstrate to the world that we have the festive spirit? To remind ourselves of the festive spirit? It's a curious question.

I've heard of decorating canes. I've certainly seen a guide dog or two with a Santa hat. I never thought about stringing Christmas lights through their harness though. That, would get some attention. ;)