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Blog - January 2014

Shack Whacky

I woke up this morning to a wind chill of minus 32 degrees. Didn’t we just do this two weeks ago? This is my second winter with Hope, my second dog guide and I am sure we only missed two days of walking last winter. We seem to miss two days every week lately. When she is limping after our first venture out for the morning relief, I know we are not walking that day. When I swear aloud during our first venture out, I know we are not walking anywhere that day. I am officially becoming “shack whacky”.


How weird is this? My father celebrates a birthday today. I hosted a family birthday dinner for him yesterday. For those of you who follow my posts, you know my mother died December 2012 and my only brother has been single for a couple of years. So ..... at my dining room table: My Dad and his girlfriend of 10 months (I can say girlfriend because he bought her a birthstone ring for Christmas!!!), my brother and his “friend” of 18 months, and me with my “friend”. Dynamics were great. I really like both my Dad’s and my brother’s “friends” and my “friend” got along amazingly well with my Dad and brother.

But ..... How weird is this?


I continue to be amazed at the myriad of sources of insight I encounter, but even more amazed at the unexpected sources of insight.

Strathroy is a very small town, as I have mentioned, and nothing is secret. A son in law of one of my peers works in construction installing AV equipment. He offered to install a new cable television outlet for me, thereby avoiding the $49.00 Rogers charges to instal a new connection. I have known him for at least 10 years, his wife babysat my children when they were young and I play bridge and attend book club with his mother in law. He describes himself as a “certified red-neck” and proclaims his undying love for his pick up truck.

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