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I continue to be amazed at the myriad of sources of insight I encounter, but even more amazed at the unexpected sources of insight.

Strathroy is a very small town, as I have mentioned, and nothing is secret. A son in law of one of my peers works in construction installing AV equipment. He offered to install a new cable television outlet for me, thereby avoiding the $49.00 Rogers charges to instal a new connection. I have known him for at least 10 years, his wife babysat my children when they were young and I play bridge and attend book club with his mother in law. He describes himself as a “certified red-neck” and proclaims his undying love for his pick up truck. Just as an aside, the man I am seeing right now drives a pick up and my brother and father have necks as red as Santa’s suit - so there is no judgement here, just an interesting and differing view of current events. This young man has known me as a blind woman only, we met after I stopped driving and started using a white cane. He had a few questions about how my Christmas dinner went - read back a couple of posts and you will know why he asked that question. I explained that my children are the only really important part of this equation and anything I can do to make it easier for them, I will do. Fortunately my ex agrees and was willing, not only to attend Christmas dinner, but to bring his boyfriend. I appreciate that was difficult for both of them but now the door is open and when the next two (yes, two new grandchildren arriving this summer!!!) arrive, we have already moved past that really awkward first get together.

This young man has also been married, divorced and remarried. No children involved in either marriage. He listened to my explanations, he listened to my discussion of how difficult this must of have been for my ex to feel he had to hide who he really was and he got it. He understood that I am not only OK, I am good. He understood that finally my ex is good. Life is good.


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Your enlightened outlook is refreshing! thanks for sharing.