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How weird is this? My father celebrates a birthday today. I hosted a family birthday dinner for him yesterday. For those of you who follow my posts, you know my mother died December 2012 and my only brother has been single for a couple of years. So ..... at my dining room table: My Dad and his girlfriend of 10 months (I can say girlfriend because he bought her a birthstone ring for Christmas!!!), my brother and his “friend” of 18 months, and me with my “friend”. Dynamics were great. I really like both my Dad’s and my brother’s “friends” and my “friend” got along amazingly well with my Dad and brother.

But ..... How weird is this? Not that long ago I hosted my Dad’s birthday dinner and my mother accompanied my Dad, my sister-in-law accompanied my brother and my ex sat at the head of the table. This year, none of us had our original partners.

I had a brief “weird-out” while I was setting the table and had to call a girl friend to calm down. Life does throw curve balls and yesterday’s curve balls were the kind that require a good shake of the head and a glass of red!!
 Dinner was amazing, though. I had a couple of roasts in the freezer and pulled one out. I searched for “Best Rump Roast Recipe” and came across one that sounded delicious. I made a half dozen slits in the top and stuffed each with a garlic clove. I rubbed salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning on the top and seared for 20 minutes at 500. The recipe called for 25 minutes per pound at 275 for medium rare (the way I like it). I have a talking kitchen scale so knew the exact weight. I turned the oven down to 275 and added a cup of red wine (Yum) and a cup of beef broth with a chopped yellow onion. The roast was done perfectly and the gravy was amazing!! Thank goodness for Google, VoiceOver, talking kitchen scales and talking meat thermometers!!


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