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Book Club

Today was book club. This book club has shared favourte stories, favourte authors, favourite genres for ten years. Today was a new experience. My neighbour, the mother of one of my son’s very good friends who was a constant companion at my dinner table when the children were at home, an English teacher at my children’s high school has penned a historical fiction loosely based on her father’s immigration to Southwestern Ontario from Holland. Her book was our February 2014 choice and the author attended our meeting.

I thoroughly enjoy book club. I now have the choice of finding the required reading from Audible, iBooks, the CNIB library (but only if the book is a few years old), the new VoiceOver-compatible Kindle app, or, my public library and on occasion, a word or PDF file. Today’s book was a self published book, available on Kindle. The author was not aware that I was able to access the Kindle eBook and contacted me a few weeks ago to ask how I would be able to read her book. One more opportunity to educate!

She told me she has been asked about preparing an Audible version and I encouraged her to do so. I explained the difference between a computer generated read and an author read. I think she gets it. I also explained that an audio version is not just for Canadians with vision loss, it is for all Canadians. Some of my peers listen to audiobooks while they drive, run, exercise, or garden. I also explained that often the author can be the best narrator. She is working on a sequel. When she finishes, we may choose to include it in our book club and hopefully I can listen to an audio version, not Alex on my Mac!


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