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Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie

Years ago my dinner table was the heart of my home. My four children, assorted friends and occassionally the ex when he was home, congregated around my dinner table every night. There was a bounty of food, lots of laughs, stories about everyone’s day, and a feeling of comfort. I always made a dessert and the children usually finished it that night. Now the children are grown and I live alone. I make dessert only when I entertain. I don’t care for sweets and I don’t need the extra calories.

I invited a group of single friends for dinner on Valentine’s day this year. They are all helpful in the kitchen, so I chose to make a Wild Mushroom and Scallop Risotto. I had eyes to watch the scallops and add the liquid to the risotto as needed. I wanted a special dessert, so decided pecan pie was in order. I use a recipe called Utterly Deadly Southern Pecan Pie. And yes, it is utterly deadly, but absolutely amazing. I feel my arteries hardening while I think about it!! When I left the ex I took very little. A pie plate was not in the box of “things I absolutely need”. So, off Hope and go on Thursday to purchase a pie plate. In my small town, I am a couple of blocks from the down town area. Thursday was mild and with the melting snow there were puddles everywhere. I have already told you Hope is a bit of a princess when it comes to puddles. (I really do need to find a tiara for her to wear) I thought we would try the downtown dollar store. Hope knows where it is and minimal acrobatics avoiding puddles. The dollar store only carried the multi pack of small foil pie plates. Not appropriate for Utterly Deadly Southern Pecan Pie. I asked the clerk if there was any other shops downtown that might carry pie plates. She turned to the woman behind me and asked if she had pie plates. The woman said she thought she did and offered to escort me across the street to her second hand store and look for a pie plate. She did have a pie plate, and not just any pie plate but the exact same pyrex glass deep dish pie plate I loved in my past life. Sold! I told my children this story and they told me the ex (who cannot and does not cook, nor does his boyfriend) cleared out the kitchen and donated most of the cookware to the second hand store here. I probably purchased my own pie plate!! It doesn’t matter. I purchased it, I love it and the pie was amazing. My guests loved it and took the leftover pieces home with them. This new life is a damn good life.


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Anthony: You are absolutely correct. I use braille measuring cups and spoons and a talking scale for measuring. The pie was to stay in the oven 45 to 60 minutes and still have a "little jiggle". Ove glove on one hand to jiggle the pan and the other hand on the top of the pie to feel how jiggly it was. Not at all scientific but it worked. My next endeavour will be cheese cake, and I'll use the same jiggle method. Brownies were timed with a pair of eyes, cookies require eyes

Baking is such a finicky thing, with everything from your ability to measure accurately to the amount of humidity in the air being very determinative factors in how well the thing actually turns out... never mind the dish you bake it in.

And then of course there are instructions like, 'bake until golden brown'. What's your strategy -- make it once, time it with a pair of eyes, and hope it always takes that long again?