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Aqua Boot Camp

I had my biennial physical in October. It’s always a little amusing when I do this. Remember, small town. My family doctor is a family friend. I play bridge with his wife. His children are friends with my children. One of his daughters, son-in-law and 4 grandchildren live 2 doors down from my son and daughter-in-law. I did medical transcription at that clinic for about ten years and I know all the staff, I usually go out for lunch with the women in the business office at least once a month. And his office is in the clinic where my ex has an office. Again - small town! Anyways, everything is great but I have some loss of bone density. He suggested I take vitamin D and Calcium which I started. I thought some additional exercise might be beneficial as well. I walk (a lot!!) and do yoga but that is probably not enough as we pass the 50+ mark. So I signed up for an aqua Stretch and Strengthen class. I loved it and added an aqua Boot Camp.

I called the instructor (again, small town and I know her) and asked to join the class. She said she would love to have me but had never had a blind person participate. She asked if I would come for a couple of trial sessions so she could figure out how best to describe each of the movements we do in the pool. She and I have similar humour and we easily found what works best for both of us. Now the second class - the boot camp class. Much more strenuous and a lot of “running”, “skiing”, “cycling” movements that require the participants to move in a large circle around the perimeter of the pool.

The first time I tried, I had lost all orientation and had no idea where I was in the pool, where my class mates where, and how close I was to the edge. The other participants were good naturedly yelling directions at me and tried their best to make sure I didn’t hit my head on the diving board. There has to be a better way.

Eureka!!!! We attached a bungi cord to one of the railings and I am tethered in one spot. The sighted participants can circle past me and I can run, ski and cycle as much as I want and stay in the same place. That solved the random movements in the pool, now what do I do about the aching muscles???


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