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Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinner

In my past life, I always hosted family dinner on Sunday. Yesterday, I hosted family dinner a la new Cindy. My daughter, son in law, grand daughter, son, daughter in law and a friend joined me. It was an absolutely lovely day.

My children are budget conscious, so I wanted to do a very special dinner. My friend buys half a beef from the butcher and offered to provide the roast. He popped in Saturday morning on his way to work with two roasts. One was a rump, the other a sirloin tip. The rump went in my left hand, the sirloin tip in my right - I like to sort things alphabetically (my liquor cabinet is organized the same way- Cherry Whiskey for one of the bridge ladies on the left and vodka on the far right). Meat from the butcher is wrapped in butcher paper with the cut printed on the outside but not the weight. I have a talking kitchen scale. The sirloin tip was 3 pounds, the rump was 4 pounds. I decided to use the rump - my son is 30, my son in law is 35, and my daughter and daughter in law are both pregnant. Huge appetites at my table!! I seared the roast on all sides, put a layer of coarsely chopped onions, rosemary sprigs and garlic sprigs in the bottom of the pan, set the roast on top and added about three cups of a mixture of beef broth and red wine. I checked the temperature with my talking thermometer, took it out at about 140, tented it and let it stand for 15 minutes. Perfect!!

My son loves mussels, as do I, but his wife is not a fan. I did classic French mussels and pumpernickel with spinach dip as appetizers. I prepared all the ingredients and my son cooked the mussels - eyes are required to dispose of the open shells pre cooking and the closed shells post cooking. While my guests devoured the appetizers, I sat on the floor with my grand daughter playing in the cupboard of plastic glasses and reading. I have a collection of toddler board books. I had a girlfriend read each page and I used my braille labeller to transcribe the text to braille. Gramma and grand daughter can read together. We read “Happy Baby”, “Belly Button” and “Moo Moo”.

There were a few left overs, but surprisingly none stayed here!! Sunday dinners are wonderful and I look forward to more grand children at my table, my two far away children joining us and the wonderful feeling of happiness and contentment I have sharing a meal with people I love.


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