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T-Base's Tweet-a-Tree Program

I wanted to let you know about an amazing environmental program recently launched by a company that’s near and dear to my heart, T-Base Communications. For those who know me well, you’ll know that I founded T-Base on the premise of not being able to access my financial and government documents in a format and timeline I needed to manage my affairs. Since that time, I have semi-retired and now advocate on issues related to accessible information and communication technology. T-Base’s role has also evolved over the years, continuing to provide accessible formats for North America’s largest telecom, educational and financial institutions. They produce hundreds of thousands of sheets of braille and large print paper so that blind and low vision consumers can access the information they need to navigate the world of statements and documents.

This year – they are dedicated to giving back to the earth. For every one tree T-Base consumes producing braille and large print on behalf of their customers and their end users, T-Base is planting 12 more. So many companies plant trees when their customers switch to electronic billing, but what is amazing about this program is that T-Base is giving those of us who require hard copies a chance to give back to the earth too, and in such a fun way. As part of this program, they recently launched the Tweet-a-Tree program, and that’s where you come in. By simply copying and pasting the following tweet into your twitter feed and filling in the blank with the Twitter account of your bank, telecom or educational institution that you wish to honour with a tree, T-Base will plant a tree on your behalf.

Hey @TBaseComm: Please tweet-a-tree to @_____ via #tbasedoztrees

I am asking friends who are on Twitter to participate and create awareness of the availability of braille and large print by mentioning the bank or telecom company that they do business with. You can even tweet a tree to the college or university you went to. Heck, you can tweet a tree to any company, for that matter. Let’s show the world of Twitter that accessible formats matter and together, we can help T-Base reduce their carbon footprint and you can give back to the earth too!

For more information, you can also check out the video for the tweet-a-tree program.



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