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Good things come in small packages

The best things in the world really do come in small packages. I am participating in a volunteer project in London over a number of Monday afternoons. I wake up early Monday mornings. Hope and I leave the house at 6:15 and walk to our Via “shelter”. We don’t have a train station in Strathroy, we have a shelter much like the public transit shelters in most Canadian cities. The train leaves Strathroy at 6:43 and arrives in London shortly after 7:00 am. We walk to the bus stop and catch the city bus to a stop a few blocks from my daughter’s house. A quick text to my daughter to let her know I am walking the last few blocks and Hope finds her way to the front door and the arms of my 2 year old grand daughter.

Any of you who are grandparents will understand my boastfulness when I proclaim that she is the most perfect child that ever existed. But any of you who are grand parents will also understand that little children just “get” it. She knows to take Gramma’s hand when she says “Gramma, sit here.” She knows to put the crayon in my hand when she says, “Gramma colour this one.” She knows to put the grape to my mouth when she says, “Gramma want grape.”

I accompanied my daughter and grand daughter to Target this morning. My daughter was looking at merchandise and my grand daughter wanted to explore. Hope chose to follow my grand daughter. Hope stayed right beside her, my daughter could peruse the items on the racks knowing Hope was right beside her little girl. My grand daughter was free to explore the store knowing Gramma and Hope were with her. We came to an outside corner of the store and my grand daughter said, “Gramma, go this way?”. I said “Which way?”. She reached for my hand, lifted it and pointed it to my left. “This way?”, she asked.


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so very sweet!

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