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Important announcements and requests for feedback!

Hello, AEBC!

This report is coming to you a little earlier than usual, and not long after my last one, because quite frankly, there is a lot going on and I think it is important that everyone know what is happening and the opportunities that you have to participate!

1. Upcoming Events

2. Draft Position Statements - Accessible Pedestrian Signals, Public Transit, Taxis

This notice has been posted on behalf of Sharlyn Ayotte, who represents AEBC in the CAG community.

I am seeking input on draft position papers relating to accessible pedestrian signals, conventional public transit, and taxi accessibility. A number of federal, provincial and territorial blindness organisations have been examining issues of common and shared interests and developing positions on matters affecting our community, and where possible, supporting those that fall in our organisational mandates.

Attached are three position papers as proposed by representatives on the CAG coalition, relating to: Accessible Pedestrian Signals, Conventional Public Transit, and Taxi Accessibility.

Consultation on Accessible Pedestrian Signals: On Tuesday May 20, at 5:30 PM pacific, 8:30 PM Eastern, Richard Marion will hold a conference call to receive any feedback and suggestions you may have for the Accessible Signals Position paper. If you can attend, please RSVP to by Sunday May 18. He will send the dialling instructions.

We need your help! I am also looking for assistance in connection with the Public Transit and Taxi Accessibility papers. I am looking for people who would work with me and lead in gathering feedback as presented on the list and through at least 1 conference call in the consultation for each of the positions presented. If you are interested in leaning in on this initiative, please contact me by e-mail (, provide me with your telephone number, and I will get back to you to talk.

3. Request for Comments -- International standards on audio description programming (DTS 20071-21)

Beverley Milligan (of Media Access Canada) is seeking input on a "guidance document" being proposed for adoption by the International Standards Organization (ISO) surrounding described video programming. The expectation of those working on this standard is that, in the future, broadcasters in Canada and elsewhere will require that those providing described video programming services be, at a minimum, ISO-certified, and that this guideline document will help to ensure consistency in descriptive practices.

The draft audio description guidance document is attached to this email.

Comments and feedback must be submitted to Bev ( no later than the end of June.

4. Website Accessibility Committee looking for participants

This announcement is distributed on behalf of Brian Moore.

Hi all. At our agm in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago, I volunteered to take the lead on trying to re-organize this committee and try and work out some clear objectives and work priorities for the next while.

To this end, I would like to organize a conference call in the next couple of weeks to have a meeting and brain storm on ideas we could work on over the next while.

Before we can have a meeting, we will need to figure out the mechanics of a conference call, can we use people's long distance and 3 way calling or should I setup a call in number.

Would anyone who is interested in participating on this committee please contact me.

You can email me at -- please put web site committee in the subject line or I risk missing it as I get a lot of mail.

Also, feel free to call me if you like: 289-799-9614

I would like to organize something for the week of May 19th if at all possible.

Brian.-- Contact me on skype: brian.moore follow me on twitter:

5. Community Announcements

6. Blog Posts

7. Council of Canadians with Disabilities

The next face-to-face council meeting will take place in Winnipeg on June 6th and 7th, 2014. Dar Wournell is attending on behalf of AEBC.

We are pleased to announce that Bonnie Brayton and our own John Rae have been elected as Members at Large for 2 years to the CCD National Council.

Sincerely yours,
Anthony Tibbs
President, AEBC


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