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Today is National Sea Monkey Day and National Piercing Day. Hmmmmm - I don’t have a sea monkey and I don’t plan on any additional piercings. However........if I were to purchase a sea monkey and then take it for a piercing would I be eligible to celebrate twice? Or........if I had my navel pierced with a charm of a sea monkey would I get two slices of celebratory cake?

I have been enjoying the arrival of Spring and have been busy weeding and preparing the gardens. An acquaintance asked how I managed to weed the gardens. Simple answer - same way you do - I pull out the weeds!!!. I have been in this house for just over a year now. Last spring and summer I learned the back yard. This spring and summer I will learn the front yard. My son walked and talked me through the front gardens so I do know what new growth I can expect. I run my hands over the dirt and it is quite easy to tell the difference between a hosta poking through the ground and a dandelion or maple sprout trying to sneak past me. I will plant my herbs in containers in the back yard. I usually remember the location of each but if I forget, the scent of freshly picked herbs is so heavenly intense one can easily tell the difference between parsley and coriander. I would like to try a few pots of tomatoes this year. I am hoping the feel of the fruit will tell me when they are ripe and ready for the table. As I wait for planting time, I will open my kitchen windo and enjoy the scent of my viburnum tree. A light breeze, the sound of children and bicycles, and the smell of a snowball tree - Spring is here!!!!!


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