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It’s Mine!!!!

Those of you who have followed my blog know that I have been in this house for a year. This is my first Spring!!!!!! It is absolutely lovely!!!!! I have spent many, many hours in my gardens.

The previous owners created low maintenance perennial gardens. Low manintenance perennial gardens still need to be weeded. Here I am, on my hands and my kness, running my hands over the dirt. At this point, the plants I want to flourish are above elbow height and those I don’t want to flourish are still thumb height. That is the gauage I use. I pull out everything thumb height or lower. If a weed is above elbow height, I have a couple of sighted friends armed with spades, weed spray or pruners.

Last year, by the end of May, a friend had sprayed my lawn for dandelions but that has not happened this year. My lawn is full of dandelions. I have a bin full of sprouted maple keys I have pulled out and I am still pulling out anything thumb high!!!

Today a neighbour popped by and told me the gardens look lovely. Thank you. I guess the hand sweep works after all


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We have gardens too; but I don't do any real gardening; my wife though loves to and that is good for her, and by extension then, me too.
What I find thrilling is my compost pile - the magic of turning yard and kitchen debris into beautiful humus; that is my job. Now that gets me excited! and it amazes me every spring!

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