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Think you might be interested in blogging?

We are always looking for new, regular contributors to the AEBC blog, and you needn't be an expert to do it! While blog posts to the AEBC blog must have some connection to the organization and its objectives, there are a hundred and one different ways to achieve that goal. Perhaps a particular article or event resonates strongly with you and you want to share your perspective, or perhaps there is a theme that you'd like to regularly write about. Whatever the circumstances, we invite contributions from everyone.

If you are a regular writer, we can set you up with your own account and provide instructions on how to directly write and post blogs. For more occasional writers, or for those who aren't very comfortable with the web site, there's an easier way. Simply send an email to with your blog and we will attend to posting it on your behalf.

Incidentally, while some of the content in this seminar will be overkill for our purposes, on September 3rd, the Hadley School for the Blind will soon be hosting a seminar on blogging: what a blog is, how to set one up, how to promote it, etc. Some of that is already done for you if you are contributing to the AEBC blog, but this would probably still be a good introduction for those who do not know about blogs in the first place. For more information on this seminar or to register, see the Hadley page:


This blog is curated by the AEBC, but welcomes contributions from members and non-members alike. The thoughts, views, and opinions expressed in the Blind Canadians Blog are those of the contributing authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the AEBC, its members, or any of its donors and partners.
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