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From the Montreal chapter: What is advocacy?

Here is a Wiktionary definition of advocacy and a few words about advocacy and advocating. Hope you like it and I will look forward to your comments about them. If you could send me any topics I would be happy to relate what I know about what we have done about them up to now.


  • the profession of an advocate
  • the act of arguing in favour of, or supporting something
  • the practice of supporting someone to make their voice heard

For the most part, as chapter members of a national organization we will be engaged in self-advocacy or supporting collective advocacy. Often, national issues will involve our collective voice to amend existing legislation or to require new legislation for the benefit of anyone experiencing vision loss. Self-advocacy will often be done on a one-to one-basis for a personal benefit or understanding or as a public awareness project that may be of benefit to some persons with vision loss.

It is my feeling that before we undertake an advocacy project it behoves us to learn as much as we can about the existing problem, who is sustaining it and who would be responsible for changing it, as well as what has been done about the problem up to now and by whom. It is important for chapter members to have a clear definition of what we are advocating for and what the expected resolution would look like.

What are your thoughts?

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