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Greyhound Bus Online Ticket Purchase (#IAmYourCustomer)

Recently I attempted to purchase a Greyhound ticket for a trip I was planning. I appreciated the fact that it could be done online using my credit card, then printed and stowed away in my suitcase for convenience. What a wonderful way to ensure that they’ll have a seat for me when I arrive at the bus depot, and for me to be organized so as to reduce my stress levels during the trip.

I was planning to take this trip without a sighted guide, and as I’m totally blind it was important to me to have all my ducks in a row. Sadly, my repeated attempts to complete the transaction on my Windows 8.1 PC computer or my iPhone 6 failed. Some of the fields wouldn’t allow me to access them with the help of the screen reading technology I use to access both of the above noted online devices.

Having failed to complete the transaction independently I had to resort to requesting the sighted assistance of my partner, and thankfully that day she had the time to assist with the satisfaction of my online purchase needs. This brought up for me a feeling of frustration and hurt as the inability to complete such a simple transaction didn’t meet my basic need for independence, autonomy and participation.

In this instance I had no other choice but to seek the help of others as Greyhound offers the only service in the area where I was intending to travel. Had another option appeared I might have availed myself of it though.

I do have one regret however, and that is my failure to notify Greyhound Customer Service of my experience and to request that the issue be resolved. So, I will share this Blog Post with them as a means of communicating my experience with them.

Greyhound, I Am Your Customer.

Albert A. Ruel
From an Island in the Pacific
Parksville BC Canada


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