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Doing Advocacy Through Social Media - Facebook Session - Follow-up and notes

On June 23rd, 2015, I had the pleasure of conducting a workshop on how to use Facebook to post and read statuses, including those with hashtags. If you have any questions following this workshop, please feel free to leave a comment here.

A document has been produced containing detailed notes from the workshop. While these notes are detailed, they do not necessarily cover all topics discussed. Feel free to listen to the recording of the workshop.

As a quick reference, these are the steps to follow to post a status with a hashtag. Note that I am speaking from the perspective of someone who uses Jaws. Note also that the facebook website may change layout in the future (which is a reality with all websites), but hopefully these notes will provide enough of a starting point for you.

With time and practise, I hope you discover the possibilities available to you through social networking. Happy hashtagging!

To post a status with a hashtag

  1. Go to
  2. Press control and the home key together to ensure that you’re at the top of the webpage.
  3. Locate the edit field found right before the “post button”. You can simply press down arrow until you find it.
  4. Press enter on the edit field and type your status. To include a hashtag, type a number sign (which you can produce by pressing shift and the number 3 together) and type your hashtag words directly after the hashtag symbol (there should be no spaces between the hashtag symbol and the hashtag words). For example, #aebcpledge
  5. Tab to the “post button” and press space bar or enter to activate it. Your status is now posted

Note: Who sees your status will depend on the privacy settings you've selected and whether your status is shared by others.


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