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Membership Renewal & Toronto IDPwD Event

Dear Current and Former AEBC Members:

When I returned from working overseas in 2009, I went to the usual service providers to upgrade my mobility, computer and independent living skills, including employment agencies to get back into the Toronto work force. After experiencing barriers and marginalization, I wanted to join a group making changes for the better for our community. That is how I started coming to AEBC meetings five years ago.

Learning and working together with like-minded blind, deafblind and partially sighted grassroots activists help all of us to hone our knowledge and skills in speaking up at public meetings, speaking to our elected representatives, and speaking about issues concerning us. The Disability Rights movement started decades ago and today we want to continue the call for equal access and opportunities for all, including us.

Since March, the 2016 Executive has moved forward in identifying employment as our chapter priority, while stepping up in participating in City consultations, and equipping members to advocate. We have raised our profile, increased our training and even been recommended for City funding for our Inclusive Employment Advocacy Project. We are now ambitiously planning for an International Day of Persons with Disabilities event at Metro Hall on December 3 to celebrate the day and focus on employment of the disability community.

But we cannot do it alone. Will you renew your membership and invite others to become members of the Toronto chapter? We are not looking for more names on a list but your willingness to speak up with us for changes in attitudes, policies and communications that are inclusive of the blind, deafblind and partially-sighted. October is membership renewal month, and we would love it if you could send in your membership renewal/application online at or come to our October 22nd meeting at Deer Park library from 2 to 4 p.m. Join us in advocacy. Make our full integration in society from an aching need to an inspirational reality.

For more information on what we are doing and how you can help, please contact us at or voice mail: 647-947-9022.

Yin Brown
AEBC Toronto Chapter President

P.S. If membership is not what you are interested in at this point, please consider donating to our chapter to off-set expenses for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities event on December 3 at Metro Hall. Donations can be made at Please specify it’s for Toronto Chapter Dec. 3 Event. Thank you for your partnership in advocacy.


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