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Always Pround to be Blind/Deafblind

Who you are, includes everything about you, eye colour, height and disability you might have. But the fact my deafness and blindness are named disabilities makes these inconveniences seem more negative than they actually are. If someone is allergic to dust, that is not deemed to be a disability, yet it does cause significant problems yet an allergy to dust is no cause for discrimination. So, the label of disability is the problem, not the disability itself.

If you think about the fact that blindness is most commonly experienced by loss of sight over several years. The loss people experience is significant yet everyone seems to cope with the loss and use their creativity to continue to do things they liked to do before the loss. How people manage to adapt is cause for tremendous pride. We can’t take a pill to change the reality, the only thing we can do is to adapt and educate others. We can’t keep our sight loss, or hearing loss a secret, it has to be verbalized, which is not easy, but this act itself is cause for personal pride. We have to say, “I can’t see your face clearly anymore, so please tell me who you are when we meet somewhere”. Having to voice this is not easy, but we do it because of the inner strength we possess but we don’t stop to give ourselves the credit for that strength. Once we break the ice with people and level with them we’ve grown and should know we have accomplished a hard task and be extremely proud of that achievement.

Because most people who are blind came into this reality slowly, we experience many accomplishments of adapting to each change, and we voice the changes to others. Why then is their such negativity in blindness? I don’t accept this negativity. I know better and so do you.

Our human nature has shown that we adapt to change. All people have this ability. The degree to which we recognize this fact, believe in this fact will mean we adapt in amazing ways. Our body is an amazing creation, so to is our ability to adapt and change, with change we have no control over.

Often society does little to help us adapt, but we go right ahead and adapt, seek out people who can support us, we don’t give up. Have you ever heard of a person who is blind giving up living for the fact that their eyes stop functioning the way it should? Do people commit suicide because they can’t hear well? No, because they have an inner sense of pride that what they see, or what they hear has little to do with who they are. They love the fact that something can be done when change takes away sight or hearing.

If humans are born without sight or hearing, or with less than others, they adapt to circumstances because they take each new achievement and let that convince them they can do more. Some people have been encouraged to adapt; While others have had little encouragement. One way to bring a sense of pride to our community of people with sight and hearing loss is to encourage people so they can start feeling the pride that should be felt when you accomplish difficult tasks. Never down-play the difficulty, recognize how hard it is to adapt, change and educate others. Then go right ahead and be proud you have done better and because you have you will continue to do better.

Canada has a strong community of people with sight and hearing loss. I am honored to be a member of this proud community.


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