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Proud to be Courageous, Brave and BLIND

Many people who are blind seem to reject the fact that they are courageous, or brave. They seem to think what they do, how they do it is the norm for them. If more people who are blind saw themselves as courageous or brave, maybe they would feel good and "proud" of themselves.

I recall the first time I decided to take public transit to meet a friend to stay over-night. I was nervous, but I also wanted to start being more independent.

I wondered what would happen if I got lost. I had difficulty hearing, but I had enough, back then to travel reasonably safely.

The first time we do something, that is going to be difficult, we are being brave. We forget that we did accomplish something that took effort to do for the first time. But it still isn’t easy being blind, and the fact that we try to do what is not easy, is cause to feel proud of ourselves. I know we were not taught to give ourselves credit for our achievements; Especially if others seem to do what we are doing for the first time. It is totally okay to be proud of what you do, and that you keep doing it.

Consider that often problems do happen and you do get lost, or there have been barriers to travel one day that caused you to be upset. Most of us don’t let the bad days stop us from going out and travelling the same route again. That is not an easy thing to do.

I don’t know why we have such difficulty in giving ourselves credit for how we go about living without sight. It is not easy, and when this sight loss is new to someone it is extremely difficult. The fact that we get used to living without sight doesn’t make what we do any less of an accomplishment, and a reason to feel pride in being blind and doing a lot of different things.

It is not a nice feeling to be rejected due to ignorance of employers, yet many of us have experienced this and still put ourselves out there as worthy of being hired. That is something to take pride in. The days when you missed the bus because it didn’t stop in front of you, are days when you know, if you could see, it wouldn’t have happened. Yet you don’t give up, no, you get right back out on the street, and hope you have better luck today. Be proud of that kind of courage, it is not a small act, it is cause to be extremely proud of being blind.

I have a lot of respect for people who are blind, that do go out when they can’t see well and hope all goes the way it should. We are not encouraged to try and be independent. We constantly have to adjust to odd things in our environment, things that can change from hour to hour, which is a fact of life and can make life for us, very frustrating. It is amazing we all are not basket cases using medications to keep our sanity. We have more reasons to be proud of our selves and our community of people who are blind.

How often have you been thanked for educating a segment of society about how to make life better for people who are blind? Many of us spend countless hours trying to make life easier, more safe for those who experience sight loss. But most of the time we are ignored. Yet do we accept this rudeness? No, we don’t. We keep trying without much encouragement. We do achieve the removal of some barriers, and given how difficult that is, we have cause to be proud of being courageous, brave and blind.


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