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My Canada of the Future

In my Canada of the future, there will be equality and inclusivity, not as afterthoughts, but as normal behaviours. Everyone will be judged on his/her own merits--what he/she can offer, and differences will be celebrated, not feared. Access to information, transportation, employment, and all other aspects of societal life will be proudly extended to everyone who lives here.

In my Canada of the future, I will never be told that I have to use a separate website, or a separate application process. Since difference will be celebrated, everyone will be asked the same questions, and the information will be collected, not to be used to discriminate against someone, but to assist in providing the best possible experience for that person.

In my Canada of the future, people who have a disability will be offered the same respect and dignity offered to people who do not currently have a disability today. We will not be seen as inspirations, but as people who deserve to live in peace and prosperity with our neighbours.

In my Canada of the future, people will understand that deaf people need captioning and blind people need described video, and both accommodations will be universal.

In my Canada of the future, service animals will be accepted and their handlers respected for the independence they gain by working with one.

I hope I will awake one day in this future Canada, but know we have a long way to go. We must not give up the fight.


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