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Open Government is about making government more accessible to everyone. This means giving greater access to government data and information to the Canadian public and the businesses community. The Directive on Open Government is Canada’s "open by default" policy, providing clear and mandatory requirements to departments which will ensure that Canadians get access the most government information and data possible.

The Creating Canada’s 4th Plan on Open Government 2018 to 2020 is currently underway. The Canadian government is seeking your ideas, experiences, insights, and stories in making government better. What does open government mean to you? What is, or isn’t, working well so far? This is your chance to help shape how our country is governed, and until June 2018 you can help decide what open government is and the commitments for Canada's next plan on open government.

The Open Government strategy is about equipping citizens to fully participate in democracy. Your input will help form the commitments for Canada’s 4th plan on open government for Canadians who are visually-impaired, blind, and deaf-blind. Commitments describe how government can provide better access to information, data and opportunities to participate in policy making. The commitments should include measures for greater transparency, accountability, and the impact on the lives of AEBC members.

Visit the Shaping Canada’s 4th Plan on Open Government web page and submit your ideas for a more accessible and inclusive government.

Visit the Engagement schedule for Canada’s 4th Plan on Open Government to participate in the dialog, and involve AEBC members in discussion workshops.

You can also participate on Twitter and join the conversation at #OpenGovCan.

To learn more about the Open Government forum Visit the Frequently Asked Questions web page.

AEBC is an advocacy organization with talents and skills that can influence how government shapes our society, and we must raise our voice as an unified community. Let's build a bridge of understanding between our community and the rest of Canadian society. It is our responsibility to educate and guide government policy decision makers, so let's work together to create a vision for a better Open Government strategy. Your comments and ideas are welcomed!


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