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Not in Canada, you say. Pity!

Since the advent of the internet, at least three chat sites designed specifically for people who are blind or partially sighted have been established. I refer to:,, and http://www.out-of-sight-net.

These sites are each divided into several rooms. There are rooms where you can play games, and others where you can play music for one another. There are rooms for people with diabetes, and others for those who are newly blind. There are also rooms specifically dedicated to musicians, piano tuners, handymen, and other occupations or professions.

While it’s true that anyone worldwide is welcome on any of these sites, it is also true that most of the participants are from the United States.

Melatonin Can Mean Better Sleep for The Totally Blind


We’ve heard a lot in the past couple of years about a study being done in the U.S. on a medication designed to assist those without light perception to establish a normal sleep-wake cycle.  Blind people who experience sleeplessness during the night as well as daytime sleepiness are said to have a condition which has been called non-24 sleep-wake disorder, or non-24.  

Here are some startling statistics from a November 2012 article that appeared in Alyssa Botelho's Boston Globe article, "Blind often afflicted with rare sleep disorder":

Ham Radio as Necessary as Ever

Every day, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern, ONTARS—the Ontario Amateur Radio Service is operational at the bottom end of the 80-metre band.  The net control, or host changes hourly.  Often, the net control is someone who is blind or partially sighted, or, in ham radio jargon, a whitecaner.

Please Don't Say Shh!

On Canada Day of 2005, I had the opportunity to help residents of a local nursing-home celebrate the occasion by providing background piano music while they feasted on cupcakes and punch. What I didn’t know until later was that a little boy and his mother were present as well.

When the child showed an interest in the dog attached to the piano leg, a friend, who worked there at the time as an Activities Co-ordinator, explained that the lady playing the piano was blind, and that the dog was actually a guide dog.

“Really?” He asked with growing interest. “Is she related to Ray Charles?”

The mother instantly felt the need to launch into damage control.

“Shh!” she admonished.

“But is she?” the young lad insisted.

“Be quiet!” his mother hissed.

Soaps and Disabilities

Currently, there are three characters on the soap entitled The Young and The Restless who have had to deal with disabilities. As is usually the case, Adam Newman, who was blinded when Jack Abbott’s seriously mentally ill ex-wife threw a caustic substance in his face, miraculously regained his sight. A few months ago, he regained his vision for the first time when surgeons performed an operation which I have yet to hear of anyone else with retinitis pigmentosa having. Too bad that Adam absolutely refuses to cope with blindness.

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