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White cane, black canes -- what's in a colour?

I currently use a black cane as I am between guide dogs. I will not have a new dog guide for about two years due to the waiting list. As such I am tip tapping it. So, I have elected to use the black cane.

I got my first black cane a few years ago and travelled with it. I found that that no matter where I went folks could figure out that I was blind, the cane worked exactly like the white one but I did not get the pity party. Nor did I get any nonsense from folks as I tip tapped by them.

As a person with no sight I do not need the public to distract me when I am concentrating on my surroundings and traversing from one place to another.

National Network for Equitable Library Services and You

Our national library network is very important. In Saskatchewan we have partnered with National Network for Equitable Library Services (NNELS). I have copied and pasted information on NNELS (as published by Saskatchewan Libraries) below. You may want to ask your provincial or municipal libraries to consider this alternative for resources.

You may also want to ask your MLA or MPP or even your MP and, of course, you may want to ask your local CNIB or CNIB library why they are not part of this growing network. the Association for the Blind of Western Australia is a member so why not Canada’s CNIB or maybe they are but I do not see them in the partner list. (smile)

We do not need several systems in this country and this system is well under way. Check it out.

Robin East

Fighting for more accessible elections

I am currently involved in a human rights complaint that is now going to Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Robin East's Voting Experience - May 2, 2011 Federal Election

1.       The Information Card that was mailed to me and had my correct mailing address on it was not in an alternative format. I understand that Elections Canada gets the information from the Canada Revenue Agency for elections purposes if I check the box on my tax return. Of course I do so this is mailed to me. the Canada Revenue Agency sends me everything in a format of my choice and that choice is electronically in HTML format so why is this not sent to me in the same way. If elections Canada is asking for my mailing address they should also ask for format of which the Canada Revenue Agency sends information out to the tax payer. In this way it would have come in an appropriate format.

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