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Soon to be released: Windows 8

It has finally come!  The anxiously-awaited, new-to-be-released Windows 8.  Microsoft promises this to be the best release of Windows ever, filled with lots of features, and boasts that this new soon-to-be-released version of Windows will be even more stable than it's predecessor, Windows 7. 

Isn't it funny how we are all now used to Windows 7 and how we have become accustomed to how it operates alongside the commercial and free screen readers out on the market to date, while companies like Freedom Scientific and GW Micro have been frantically working so hard in the last several months to ensure that their screen readers are compatible with the soon-to-be-released operating system from the Big Giant?

TC Electronic (music software)

In today's blog I wanted to tell you about a seminar I attended this week on a company that designs products for guitar, bass, and audio enthusiasts.  The company which hosted the seminar was TC Electronic

In this seminar they presented a whole range of guitar peddles which produce and change the way the guitar sounds.  As some of you may know an electric guitar isn't an electric guitar if it doesn't have a series of effects to give it an enhanced tone in colour.  The gentleman giving the talk was very thorough in informing his audience of what each peddle did, and demonstrated how one could change and vary each peddles effect. 


This week, I'd like to talk about a web site dedicated to those who own or are interested in purchasing a Mac system.

The web site is

On this web site you will find new breaking stories about what apple is doing, and some valuable information on compatibility of softwares, and OS release information, and what exactly is  the future of Apple products.

The information on this web site is extremely accessible, and you can navigate all the sections by pressing the letter h on your screen reader to navigate by heading, and follow the links to the full story.

Finally there are also links to resources to sites  dedicated to those with a visual impairment.

Open Office 3 Software

This blog is on an alternative word processing software for the Mac.  The software package is called Open Office 3, and was designed by a group of individuals who believed that paying lots of money for a Office suite was simply not satisfactory.

While they accept  donations, the software is completely free, and easy to download. You simply go to, and the rest is straightforward, if you follow the instructions.

I had always heard about this software before but was not inclined to download it until a friend of mine from work encouraged me to download it.

The installation easy and straight forward, and I had no problems in installing the software on my Mac.

Overriding Font & Colors For Incoming & Outgoing Messages In Outlook 2010 For Low Vision Users

I was at a retreat last week and a question came up from one of the low vision participants that seems to come up extremely regularly.  The question usually sounds something like this: "I want to see emails in outlook in my color (i.e high contrast black) or I want my emails to be in my choice of font and font size, but I don't want recipients to get emails with a honking huge font size specification embedded in the messages I send."  The solution for this does not appear to be well documented or well known.  So here is how it's done, why it's done and the keyboard keystrokes necessary for you to go off and change outlook to adopt any font settings you want and to have messages respect the color choices you have made in windows own appearance & color setting

Tune In Radio -App for iPhone, iPad products

Hello fellow bloggers, this week I like to talk to you about a new application,  I downloaded on my iPhone, it's called “Tune In radio”.

A brief description of what this app is.

Tune in Radio is a application which allows you to tune in to radio stations across the world using your WiFi  and or Data plan usage provided from your local carrier.  It is an application which is installed on either you iPhone, and or iPad.

There are two versions of the app,

1. a paid version which allows you to record your favourite program on the radio station you dial in to, and

2. the free version which simply allows you to listen to the radio station.

Installation of the software is extremely accessible while using voice over on the iPad or iPhone.

OS X-Iphone, Ipad Upgrade

A new feature that is available to new OS X upgrade to the iPhone iPad

As you are all aware, OS X was released on September 19, 2012 at approximately 1 PM.  The procedure in applying the updates to the new OS was extremely easy and did not require any effort at all and in fact was extremely accessible as well while setting up the phone and the iCloud.

Well there are numerous features listed in the update it would simply take too long to collaborate in this blog.  For the purposes of this blog I would like to talk about the map feature that is now available in OS 6

Siri on the iPhone 4S

Hello there readers. Well, with the back to school season well on its way, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about a feature on the iPhone 4s called Siri.

Since the birth of the iPhone 4s, there has been a dictation feature on each and every new iDevice built  in the last year.

However, a feature which is not installed on every iDevice is the Siri voice assistant.

What is Siri, you might all be wondering?

Well, imagine telling your T.V. or computer that you want to do a certain task.  Siri on the iPhone does, and quite well I might add.

With Siri you can

Mountain Lion Dictation

In this post, I'll talk a bit about the dictation feature in the newly released OS mountain lion 10.8.

While  this feature is not perfect it can definitely help those who have issues in  typing large amounts of text.  This feature can be launched by going into the edit menu found under the Apple menu bar.  Once this feature has been set up in system preferences, an individual only needs to  press the FN key  twice to activate the feature and press the key twice again to deactivate the feature.

An Introduction to Mac OS 10.8, MOUNTAIN LION

The long awaited release of Apple's Mac OS 10.8, Mountain Lion, finally arrived in the Mac App store on July 25, 2012.

I went through the steps to download the 4 gigabyte file. I don't know if it was because millions of customers were downloading on their server at the same time, but the download took about half an hour to complete on my system, which I found a little long considering I'm using an extremely high speed server from my carrier.


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