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Talk to the President - September 2011


September 29, 2011

Dear AEBC members:

Another month is now in the books and I hope that everyone had a great September. It has been a very busy month for your board as we continue to work to ensure that your priorities take top spot over everything else. I thank those of you who took the time to write to me and again, I would love to hear from you with your thoughtful and respectful comments for it is only through you that we can aspire to achieve better things.

I thank those of you who took the time to respond to my monthly question for August and I'll have another for you to respond to at the end of this email.

I would like to start with one of my favorite quotes:

Talk to the President - August 2011


August 31, 2011

Dear fellow AEBC members:

I hope that this email finds you all well and I also hope that you have managed to enjoy this very warm and humid summer.

Well, August is almost at an end and soon fall will be here. Another month has come and gone and I would like to take a few minutes of your time to tell you a bit about what your national board has been up to for the month of August.

Invitation to Town Hall Meeting With CNIB Regarding Library Services

You are cordially Invited to a Town Hall Meeting

With John Rafferty, CEO of the CNIB

Topic:  Library Services in Canada

Purpose:  to ask questions of, and provide input to, the CNIB on:

How best to move forward on issues pertaining to the future of library services for blind, partially sighted, and deaf/blind Canadians.

When: October 29 2011

Time: 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time or 10:00 am Pacific Time


365 Bloor Street East, Suite 902


The closest subway is at Bloor and Sherbourne

How Can I Participate?:

Talk to the President - May 2011


May 27, 2011

Dear AEBC Members:

As part of my commitment to increase communication between your board and you, I thought that I would kick things off with a short email/note from me.

First, allow me to tell you how humbled and delighted I am to be your new president. I know that I have very large shoes to fill but I am ready and willing and with your help I am confident that we will be able to take the AEBC to even greater heights.

Talk to the President - July 2011

Hello AEBC Members:

I hope that all is well in your neck of the woods and that July has been an enjoyable month for you. I thank those of you who took the time to respond to my previous email and I'll have another ponderous question for you at the end of my email and I look forward to your considered feedback.

Remember now, your opinions are extremely important to me and it is only through you that I will be able to steer our ship in and out of these rough seas.

So, here is my monthly update and please if you can, take a moment to read and give some comments to my question at the end of this email.

Talk to the President - June 2011

Dear AEBC Members:

I hope that you are all doing well and that you are enjoying some of the nice weather that we have been having thus far for this spring and early summer.

As I promised in my speech to you on May 21st, one of my commitments is to increase communication between your board and you and to that end, each month I will be writing to you to give you an update on some of our activities.

I will also have a question for you - one which I hope will stimulate some good old fashioned discussion and I would also like you to write to me with your own questions. Tell me what is on your mind and what you would like me to know more about. So, without much more ado, here is my update to you.

Robin East's Voting Experience - May 2, 2011 Federal Election

1.       The Information Card that was mailed to me and had my correct mailing address on it was not in an alternative format. I understand that Elections Canada gets the information from the Canada Revenue Agency for elections purposes if I check the box on my tax return. Of course I do so this is mailed to me. the Canada Revenue Agency sends me everything in a format of my choice and that choice is electronically in HTML format so why is this not sent to me in the same way. If elections Canada is asking for my mailing address they should also ask for format of which the Canada Revenue Agency sends information out to the tax payer. In this way it would have come in an appropriate format.

It is not mine alone to win but ours not to lose

It is not very often that one gets an opportunity to go head to head with the government of their country and it is not something that is for the faint of heart.  I have always known this and as I sit here contemplating the latest developments in my charter challenge, I can only tell you that the one thing that keeps me going is this:  Belief!  I believe in what I have been doing since 2006 and if I had to do it all over again then I surely would.  I have never sought any monetary compensation or any personal gain for myself; it is all for our blind, sight impaired, deaf/blind, and print disabled kids of the future and for our community as a whole.

The Right to Recreation

As a resident of the city of Toronto Canada, I feel that I am compelled to write an open letter to our new Mayor; Rob Ford.  First Mr. Mayor, congratulations on your recent elections.  I know that for the next while, you will be busy putting your Mayoral house in order but before you get down to the business at hand, I thought that I would sneak in on the ground floor so to speak and make you aware of something which would probably become more important to Torontonians as time marches on.


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