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EEC Minutes: November 23, 2006

Meeting Date: 
Thursday, November 23, 2006

Date:              Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Time:             7:00pm (Eastern)

Location:       Teleconference Call

Present:         Anthony Tibbs (Chair), Kim Kilpatrick, Ross Eadie

Regrets:         Chantal Oakes, Terri Hulett, Tami Grenon

Minutes By:   Anthony Tibbs



  1. No minutes from a prior meeting were considered.

  2. A review of the 2006 activities was undertaken (specifically, the survey distributed to some Ontario itinerant teachers), and plans for further discussion and implementation of this survey were devised.  Committee will review existing questionnaire.

  3. Two issues were identified as worthy of consideration, given their possible impact on the Education committee’s work:

a)     Inclusive vs. segregated education models and AEBC’s position, if any

b)    Unified English Braille Code in education and AEBC’s position, if any

  1. Each resolution assigned to the Education subgroup was reconsidered, with the following results and recommendations ensuring:

a)     Resolution 9801: Promotion of Braille Literacy: To be considered in 2007.

b)    Resolution 9706: Adjustment to Blindness: No direct action required or intended by this committee.  (Handled indirectly through other efforts.)

c)     Resolution 9918: Special Needs Departments at Community Colleges and Universities: To be considered in 2007.  (Existing and current research by other organizations will be monitored and utilized if possible.)

d)    Resolution 9926: Access to Education: Recommend to rescind; new version to be drafted by committee.

e)     Resolution 9703: Policy on Braille Literacy: Refer back to National: outside our mandate (may be redundant in light of 2005-12?).

f)     Resolution 9919: Recruitment of Itinerant Teachers: To be considered in 2007.

g)    Resolution 9806: Orientation and Mobility Guarantee: To be considered in 2007.


Next meeting will be in 2007, but some work (most notably on the survey) may continue in the interim.

Meeting commenced at 7:05pm, and was adjourned at 9:15pm.

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