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Fundraising Committee

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Fundraising is essential to AEBC in order to carry out our vision and mission. The function of Fundraising has been traditionally the responsibility of National and Chapter Treasurers. As stewards of finance, Treasurers are responsible for financial health, but a broader range of skills is required to launch successful fundraising campaigns. New tools and resources are now available to assist organizations in all aspects of fundraising such as Crowd source funding, special event planning, grants and project funding. Together with members who have fundraising experience and project management, the committee will carry out plans for raising monies for AEBC at a National, regional and chapter level. The Fundraising Committee will develop strategies and plans for raising monies in conjunction with other committees where appropriate.

Additionally, a Finance committee of treasurers from chapters and the national board will work with the governance committee to ensure that board officers are aware of the policies and procedures related to their positions as stewards of AEBC finances. As treasurers representing national and chapters, the members of the Finance Committee will be responsible for financial reporting, budget development, identifying gaps in policy and procedures, making recommendations for long and short term investment decisions: insurance, liabilities, disclosures, risks and more. Information is needed to inform new Board members with responsibilities for this important portfolio and to ensure that new Treasurers have the tools and guidance to do the job. Together, the treasurers will identify gaps in policies and procedures for performing the important role of Treasurer, share best practices and develop new financial policies to address issues which emerge in performing their roles at National and Chapter levels including reporting, compliance and identifying risks to financial health.

The Fundraising committee will also work to bring potential sponsorships at a local, regional and national level to the attention of the national board for inclusion in its partnership strategy. Creating partnerships for a fee will drive additional revenue for AEBC and align the brand with other organizations who have an active role within the blindness community or who support our mission.

Committee Minutes

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