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2000 Nfb Convention

Editor's Note: Editor's Note: On October 28, 2000, Lisa Wilson was elected Treasurer of the new NFB: AE chapter in Montreal.

Mom being blind is so cool" - is the phrase my daughter Ariana used to describe how she felt after attending our first NFB convention in Atlanta this year. I had never perceived blindness in quite those terms, but I do have to admit that she was right. Ariana and I, through the generosity of the NFB: AE, were given the unique opportunity of experiencing first hand the 2000 NFB convention in Atlanta, Georgia this past July. We were both amazed and overwhelmed by the positive energy drawn from such an event where the sound of tapping canes and friendly voices echoed everywhere we went, where blindness was not the exception but the norm. Our first day at the convention we attended the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC) annual parent seminar. The seminar was very informative, providing me as a parent of a blind child with the tools and resources needed to ensure my daughters continued success. While I was busy participating in discussion groups with other parents, Ariana along with many of her new friends, were off to a Braille carnival to exercise their fingers in the fine language of Braille. Our first day proved to be one of the many highlights of our trip because of the many con- nections that were made with other families. Another highlight of our trip was our guided tour through sensory safari by Mr. Steve. Through the power of touch, Ariana, for the very first time, was able to see and comprehend the power behind the wingspan of a hawk. She was able to compare, on her own, the softness of a fox's fur to the course hair of a buffalo. The hands on experience provided us both with information about these wild animals that words alone cannot convey. It was "very cool." The exhibit hall soon became one of our favourite afternoon activities, enriching our minds and senses with the latest technology as well as filling our hands with literature and samples to bring home. While attending the informative NOPBC workshops and various other seminars especially the ones concerning I.E.P.'s has re-energized and re-empowered me to continue being my daughter's best advocate. Our week in Atlanta was a memorable one filled with many new bonds of friendship that we look forward to renewing at the next convention. Ariana and I want to personally thank the NFB: AE for enlightening our lives and providing us with a clearer vision of difficulties to come.

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