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Bank of Canada Issues New Bank Notes

The Bank of Canada issued a new series of bank notes at the beginning of January 2001. The new series of Canadian bank notes contain a tactile feature that will improve the ability of the blind and vision impaired to independently recognize different denominations of Canadian currency. The new series of bank notes will also contain sophisticated security features designed to thwart counterfeiters.

The last Canadian bank note series was introduced 15 years ago. Significant technological advances in bank note production have been developed since then. These advances made it possible to incorporate better security features into paper currency.

The first redesigned note, the $10 denomination , was put into circulation in January 2001. The new series will include a $5 note that will be issued later in 2001, and the remaining new notes ($20, $50, and $100 will be introduced over the next two to three years. A new $1000 note will not be issued. The current notes will remain legal tender even after the new notes are introduced.

The new notes are the same size as the old ones, and the existing dominant colours on each denomination will be maintained. In addition, the Queen and the Prime Ministers currently featured on the notes will remain on the same denominations but there will be new portraits.

For further information, contact:

Linda Drouin, Head - Public Affairs, Bank of Canada at (613) 782-7125, or visit the Bank of Canada's website at Frame11

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