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The word education means many different things to different people. To some, it only covers what happens in the classroom and through extra curricular activities. While these experiences are extremely important to any young person's development, what happens at school is only a small part of what education encompasses. 'Education ' begins far earlier than one's entry into the school system and hopefully continues throughout one's entire lifetime. In this issue, we are taking a broad approach to education. We will examine the special education review in British Columbia; learn about Mary Randall, an experienced blind teacher from Ontario; and consider the educational experiences of a number of individuals. We include a reminder of the NFB: AE's annual scholarship program; consider some of the elements which are needed to ensure that people who are blind, deaf-blind or have low-vision can participate effectively in distance education programs; and also spotlight some of the activities of the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS). We also present four recent briefs submitted by the NFB: AE to keep readers informed of our recent activities, and lots more. It is crucial that we continue to educate ourselves on what is available and work towards what is possible.